[T20K]kalata B1(935) Protein Card

General Information
Name [T20K]kalata B1
Class Cyclotide
Average Mass 2919.35
Monoisotopic Mass 2917.19
m/z M+H 2919.35
ProteinType Mutant
Parent kalata B1
Organism Synthetic
Notes Inhibits T cell proliferation and cytokine production in vitro. Improvement in clinical presentation/ inflammatory pathology in EAE-induced mouse model of multiple sclerosis under several treatment regimes. (Dose= ~10 mg/kg i.p. or ~20 mg/kg p.o.) VivoTag-labelled cyclotide mainly found in GI tract when administered p.o.,and in kidneys. More systemic spread observed with i.p. or i.v. administration. Cytotoxic to HeLa cells with internalisation comparable to TAT. (Abdul Ghani et al. 2016)
Cyclic Yes

No assays found

Thell K, Hellinger R, Sahin E, Michenthaler P, Gold-Binder M, Haider T, Kuttke M, Liutkevi?i?t? Z, Göransson U, Gründemann C, Schabbauer G, Gruber CW (2016) Oral activity of a nature-derived cyclic peptide for the treatment of multiple sclerosis Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113:3960-3965
Abdul Ghani H, Henriques ST, Huang YH, Swedberg JE, Schroeder CI, Craik DJ (2016) Structural and functional characterization of chimeric cyclotides from the Möbius and trypsin inhibitor subfamilies. Biopolymers :0-0
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Nucleic acids
Structure NMR Solution Structure of [T20K]kalata B1
NMR Solution structure of linear [T20K]kalataB1