cycloviolacin O1(2) Protein Card

General Information
Name cycloviolacin O1
Alternative name(s) CyO1
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS,Amino acid analysis
Average Mass 3116.62
Monoisotopic Mass 3114.32
m/z M+H 3116.62
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Viola odorata
Viola uliginosa
Cyclic Yes

Chemical Shift
Chemical shift data for cycloviolacin O1 [...]
NOE Restraint
NOE restraints for 1NBJ [...]
Cyclotides show molluscicidal activity [...]Plan MR et al. (2008) J Agric Food Chem 56:5237-5241
A range of natural variants were selected based on net charge and/or hydrophobicity and were tested alongside the prototypic cyclotide kB1 in larval development assays with H. contortus and T. colubriformis. [...]Colgrave ML et al. (2008) Chembiochem 9:1939-1945

Trabi M, Craik DJ (2004) Tissue-specific expression of head-to-tail cyclized miniproteins in Violaceae and structure determination of the root cyclotide Viola hederacea root cyclotide1. Plant Cell 16:2204-16
Craik DJ, Daly NL, Bond T, Waine C (1999) Plant cyclotides: A unique family of cyclic and knotted proteins that defines the cyclic cystine knot structural motif. J Mol Biol 294:1327-36
Rosengren KJ, Daly NL, Plan MR, Waine C, Craik DJ (2003) Twists, knots, and rings in proteins. Structural definition of the cyclotide framework. J Biol Chem 278:8606-16
Ireland DC, Colgrave ML, Craik DJ (2006) A novel suite of cyclotides from Viola odorata: sequence variation and the implications for structure, function and stability. Biochem J. 400:1-12
Slazak, B., Jacobsson, E., Kuta, E. and Göransson, U. (2015) Exogenous plant hormones and cyclotide expression in Viola uliginosa (Violaceae Phytochemistry 117:527-536

Nucleic acids
Structure High-resolution solution structure of cycloviolacin O1
1H NMR solution structure of cycloviolacin O1
Links SwissProt P82230