hyen D(1139) Protein Card

General Information
Name hyen D
Class Cyclotide
Technique MS,NGS
Average Mass 3155.70
Monoisotopic Mass 3153.33
m/z M+H 3155.7
ProteinType Wild type
Organism Hybanthus enneaspermus
Notes <i>H. enneaspermus</i>: isolated from the plant and fully sequenced by MS/MS (Du et al., 2020).
Cyclic Yes

Cancer Cell Toxicity
Cytotoxicity of cyO2, cyO9, hyen D and kB5 and their mutants on HeLa cells. [...]Huang,Y.H. et al. (2021) Molecules 26:0-0
Membrane Binding Assay
[I11L] mutants of cyO2, cyO9, hyen D and kalata B5 exhibited equipotent binding to the POPC/POPE(80:20) model membrane compared to their wild-type counterparts whereas the [I11G] mutants showed no binding or weak affinity to membranes. [...]Huang,Y.H. et al. (2021) Molecules 26:0-0

Du,Q., Chan,L.Y., Gilding,E.K., Henriques,S.T., Condon,N.D., Ravipati,A.S., Kaas,Q., Huang,Y.H. and Craik,D.J. (2020) Discovery and mechanistic studies of cytotoxic cyclotides from the medicinal herb Hybanthus enneaspermus. J Biol Chem 295:10911-10925
Du,Q., Huang,Y.H., Bajpai,A., Frosig-Jorgensen,M., Zhao,G. and Craik,D.J. (2020) Evaluation of the in Vivo Aphrodisiac Activity of a Cyclotide Extract from Hybanthus enneaspermus. J Nat Prod :0-0
Huang,Y.H., Du,Q., Jiang,Z., King,G.J., Collins,B.M. and Craik,D.J. (2021) Enabling Efficient Folding and High-Resolution Crystallographic Analysis of Bracelet Cyclotides. Molecules 26:0-0

Nucleic acids
Structure hyen D
hyen D solution structure
Links GenBank C0HLN8